City League for Winter!

Welcome to the City League for Winter Tournaments Home page!

SportZone have created Wellington’s fastest growing Junior Football League format for 6-12 year olds and we're now ready to expand into the winter season with something new!
Kicking off in April will be the first of a series of 21 Junior Tournaments for 7th to 12th grade teams from Clubs, Schools and Mates.
Each tournament can cater for up to 20 teams in 2 grades playing a minimum of 5 games on their way to the finals.

Online Fixtures and results keep everyone up to date

This league is for teams and kids who want to 'play' football in a professional yet fun environment where the game is all about them and coaches and supporters able to contribute to a positve atmosphere for a Childrens sports event.
There are 7 tournaments to choose from with each tournament format a round robin league and finishing with finals format for that extra bit of excitement.

Teams can sign up HERE

The cost per team is $150 and includes Player of the Day Vouchers, Photos, Online League Fixtures, Certificates and Medals for finalists and a full day of full on football.

Fundraising? Check out our Hosting Rights where we pay you $300 or 2 free team entries and you have the opportunity to fundraise through sponsorships and activities at the park on the day

Any questions you can contact us directly on 0800 KICK IT for more information.

Check out the Rules Here